About the Author

Scott Decker made his debut as a NYC playwright with his 2010 International Fringe Festival hit play, PREY.

His next play, FELONY FRIDAY, attracted iconic film, television and stage legend John Amos to the role of BBI, alongside Decker and an ensemble cast. One week before the opening of the 2011 International Fringe Festival, FELONY FRIDAY sold out its entire run, cementing a place for FELONY FRIDAY in the Encore Series.

In addition to these plays, Mr. Decker has written a novel, three comedies and six dramas… each of them dark, all of them awesome.

His newest creation, CLOUD 8, is an immersive one man performance. With an apocalyptic feel and minimalistic set, CLOUD 8 focus on the introduction of Mr. Decker’s most compelling character to date, The Captain.